Mantel Machine Products is a leading provider of custom machined parts, we provide a variety of services such as Kan-Ban, discrete, and blanket ordering systems. With our years of machining experience across many different industries it enables us to take on many customer machining challenges.

cnc machine shop
Mantel Machine Products provides general machine shop services including:

  • CNC Machining
  • Milling and Turning
  • Threading and Boring
  • Heat Treating
  • Grinding
  • Painting
  • Plating

Lead times as low as 3 weeks


What’s New

Lights-Out Program

Doing more with less, something companies are constantly looking to do, to stay competitive. Mantel Machine Products has identified the need to be able to produce more hours through our Swiss machines. Our answer was to start a Lights-Out program. We are now able to run these machines significantly more hours a day. This cuts down on our operating costs, and lowers our lead-times. Which directly benefits our customers, and helps Mantel Machine Products to become more efficient, and competitive.

Resec Sorting System

Mantel Machine understands the increasing demands of the industries we serve and is committed to providing high quality at an affordable cost. We have recently purchased a Resec Systems Digital Shadow Gage to allow for 100% inspection on jobs with strict requirements. This will save on cost of production, and provide high quality parts to print specifications for our customers. We look forward to utilizing this machine and develop other ways for it to add value to our process.

Mantel Machine Part Delivery

new-delivery-vanWe understand the tight schedules buyers face in today’s markets, so besides striving to keep our prices low and our quality high, we offer free part delivery to our customers in the Metro-Milwaukee area.  With up to 308 cubic feet of space, we can quickly deliver bags of pins or pallets of larger parts. We take pleasure in delivering quality parts and working around the busy schedules of buyers. From our machines to your door, let us quote and deliver parts for your products.

Unique Set-up Techniques Lead to Cost-Savings

Set-up reduction techniques have enabled us to pass on the cost-savings to our customers through our quoting process.

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