3 Mindset Changes for Lights-Out CNC Machining

June 25, 2019

For many machine shops today, the most promising avenue of potential expansion is not a new market or an addition to their facilities, but instead the untapped, unstaffed nighttime hours that could be captured for automated, “lights-out” production.

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Lead-Free Brass

January 26, 2016

As the needs in the machining industry migrate, so must the processes we use to produce quality parts. With the recent concerns about lead products in food, water, and sanitation, we find many of the precautions we previously put in place to set Mantel Machine up to handle the transition to Lead-free Brass. First, our operators understand that we are able to keep competitive prices because of the high premiums we can obtain with our scrap resale thru segregated bins and dedicated chip spinners. Second, we utilize multiple cutting oils to ensure the finest cuts dependent on the material. And third, our company has been machining brass to stainless steel and nylon to unleaded steels for 65 years.
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Planning Ahead

December 30, 2015

It is important to look to the future in today’s market to best align your company with where you calculate it’s headed. The same calculated steps need to be taken in everyday set-ups. By visualizing how cuts will change the structure of a part, set-ups can plan for difficult features. Taking a little extra time ensuring the best tool path and holding method, will ultimately cost you less. We profit from the knowledge gained with better set-ups and less scrap.
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Bar Feeder Basics

November 23, 2015

Mantel Machine is capable of running a variety of jobs from large to small runs, brass to nylon, or steel to stainless steel. It is important to have the right equipment to maximize this process. Having multiple styles of bar feeders have helped us achieve quality parts with minimal run times. We took into consideration the needs of the parts we run to the machines capacities and created various machine set-ups to accommodate our customer’s needs. This article discusses some of the specifications to consider when looking into bar feeders to maximize shop efficiency.
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Beyond the Educated Guess

October 19, 2015

Athletes use muscle memory to perfect their craft the same way machinists use information gained during past jobs. A football being tossed precisely is a combination of all the information gained through past throws under various conditions. It is the quarterback’s body’s best guess to complete the pass. Each time our machinist’s set-up/ run apart, information about past parts orientation, how they were held, speeds and feeds, etc. affect how they will prepare for the current job. Solutions to past problems better future set-ups. What questions are your employees thinking about when they set-up jobs?
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Basic Turning Skills

September 15, 2015

In our 65 years of business, many employees have started, advanced, and ended their careers with us. All those people gathered useful information about repeat parts, difficult materials, and various machines that is invaluable to a company interested in growth. We have created a Competency Program to extract this information from current employees and harness it to teach new employees. From simply turned brass parts to complex Swiss style turned parts, even a seemingly simple concept can prove to be a breakthrough to another. The synergy created allows Mantel Machine to continue into its 4th generation of family ownership.
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Buyer’s Guide to purchasing precision machined products

The PMPA offers a quick guide that suggests more economical design methods and tips on specifying your precision machined parts or products that can be implemented…
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