In the interest of continuous improvements and supplying our customers with the best service and quality, Mantel Machine is always looking to upgrade its machine tools to stay current with the ever-changing technology of today’s world. We have decided that it was time to phase out a couple of our older and slower machining centers with a new Brother TC-32BN pallet-changing machine. We have had good success in the past with the other Brother machines that we own in terms of both speed and quality, and decided to go with them again. We could not be more pleased!

brother-tc-32bn-pallet-changing-machine-controlsAs a job shop, our main concern was to stay as versatile and efficient as possible. The TC-32BN is a pallet-changing machine so we are able to load and unload parts while the machine is cutting chips. The worktable and working envelope is bigger than any of the other 30 taper machines we have. This will allow us to run larger parts, fixtures holding more parts, and even keep repeat set ups in the machine while we run other jobs. The machine will hold 40 tools in a chain style magazine. That is more than enough to keep repeat jobs set up as well as accommodate new, more intricate work. The TC-32BN also comes with a 16,000 RPM, high-pressure coolant thru spindle. This is yet another tool to boost quality and efficiency, and keep us moving forward with the times.

brother-tc-32bn-pallet-changing-machineMantel Machine has 62 years of time tested experience and expertise under its belt to draw from. We know what it takes to provide the best quality and service to our customers. And to continue this great tradition, we must strive to move forward and search for the newest technologies and practices to ensure the best for our employees and customers.